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CaseWare Africa has been a part of the XBRL SA working group for over 10 years and we have been involved in the CIPC XBRL project since its inception. In addition to our close relationship with CIPC, CaseWare has long been used to produce XBRL annual statements for companies all over the world. XBRL is embedded into CaseWare and this allows for the tagging, and auto-tagging where applicable, of annual financial statements.

The CaseWare Solution

XBRL is embedded in CaseWare and allows you to tag your annual financial statements. CaseWare not only deals with the task of tagging the final documents, it manages the entire task, from the importing of trial balance data, through to the preparation of financial statements and audit files, all the way to producing the iXBRL document. Read More

What is the difference between XBRL and iXBRL?

iXBRL is the specific format of XBRL that CIPC requires entities to submit their Annual Financial Statements in. CaseWare Africa currently has an XBRL embedded solution which allows you to tag your financial statements and produce the iXBRL required export file. Read More

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