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​​The integrated time and billing solution that every practice needs

Time is an easy add-on CaseWare Cloud time management app that lets you log time and manage your WIP, as well as store client contact information, store and back up your documents, and collaborate on CaseWare files.

Monitor your practice easily

Access summary information on a dashboard-style interface and view all tasks with the Workflow layout with this time management software. Click on any area to access the details for each feature or document.

Easy time and expense entry

Input your time and expense entries once and you can have instant WIP reports. With Time's built-in editor, you can customise the layout and content of proposed, interim, recurring or final invoices.


The Time management app comes equipped with a variety of sample reports that can be kept as is or is easily customised. Use drill-down capabilities to access detailed information in each report.

Manage all your contacts
(and appointments) from one place

With Time's built-in contact management system, you can stay updated with the most recent client information. The app also integrates with Google Calendar and calendars to mak scheduling easier.

Enter time and expenses from anywhere

You can enter your time and expenses from any mobile device. It's possible to enter time entries in bulk over multiple days. All CaseWare Cloud data is automatically synced back to CaseWare Time, so you'll never have to enter anything twice.

Snap and track receipts

It's easy to attach receipts to expense records in digital form with your mobile device, which eliminates the need for paper.

Easily generate analysis reports

You can access detailed or summary time and expense reports, at staff or client level, wherever you go allowing you to manage your practice on the move.

We recommend combining our leading desktop financial preparation tool and Cloud platform to give your practice the edge it needs in this highly competitive market space. CaseWare Cloud gives staff the flexibility to work on financial statements regardless of time and location. When they access financial statements on CaseWare Cloud, you will have peace of mind knowing that they're working with the most up-to-date version – as changes made across the team automatically sync to the master copy.


Collaborate in ways not possible before with one centralised location for all your staff, clients and other stakeholders.

Client portal

Share files quickly and easily. Provide clients with custom dashboards for helpful views into the engagement process.

File management

Enjoy a full document management system with built-in archiving, retention and back-up capabilities.

Centralised engagements

Engagement files are also stored in CaseWare Cloud, which means automatic back-ups and no need for expensive servers.


Leverage built-in roles for easy rights management, or create your own.

Promotes mobility and flexibility

The Cloud-based financial statement software allows access to real-time data – anytime and anywhere –and improves productivity and client service.

Engagement Management

Track and monitor every aspect of your engagement for optimized efficiency and profitability.

Task management and timeline analysis

Task functionality allows users to assign tasks to individuals, allowing for work progress transparency. This feature, combined with timeline functionality, presents a new way to view and keep track of all the activities in your firm on one screen.


​CloudSec admin software manages more than just forms – it takes care of all the processes around secretarial work by connecting you, the client and the CIPC.

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Tax Management

Our tax management solution, CloudTax, allows you to manage your client database, store supporting documentation and track correspondence and communications.

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Financial Statements

​Accounting and auditing practices trust CaseWare financial statement software to ensure compliance and boost efficiencies and profits.

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