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CloudSec manages and builds structure around secretarial processes

CloudSec is an add-on CaseWare Cloud app that takes care of all your statutory compliance processes in one place. CloudSec manages and builds structure around secretarial processes so you can complete secretarial tasks quickly, easily and within the legal framework.

Our mission with CloudSec is to build secretarial software which:

Manages workflow;
Eliminates the duplication of work;
Achieves 100% compliance; and
Is easy to use.

These features form part of our vision to ease the secretarial burden so your business can become more profitable.

Manage your practice with ease
  • Our dashboard provides the status of your entire practice at a glance
  • View outstanding tasks, deadlines and staff assigned for easy follow-ups
  • Automatic Annual Return deadline notifications
  • View completed tasks and reconcile to your invoicing
Work faster
  • Follow our guided workflows with automatically populated CoR forms
  • Reduce scanning with our ability to bundle all documents into the correct format for successful CIPC submission
Stay on top of bureaucratic clutter
  • All documents are saved directly in a specific task in the relevant client file
Improve client correspondence
  • Reduce emails by requesting and collecting documentation directly from your clients in CloudSec
  • The integrated client portal makes the sharing of documents quick and easy

  • Our guided workflows ensure that you never miss a step in the process
  • With our data validation, your submissions to CIPC are accurate and complete
Save time generating correspondence
  • Centrally manage templates in the Cloud
  • Create, edit and generate resolutions from templates
Everything you need in one place:
  • Annual Returns
  • Share transactions: share capital raises in different classes, allotments, transfers, redemptions, consolidations
  • Convert CC to company
  • Track historical director/officer changes from incorporation

  • Auditor and secretarial changes
  • All other frequently required CIPC tasks
  • View redbook registers for share and director transaction history
  • View full client reports
  • Produce resolution documents from default or custom templates
  • Track complete task workflow up to date the commission registered the change

We recommend combining our leading desktop financial preparation tool and Cloud platform to give your practice the edge it needs in this highly competitive market space. CaseWare Cloud gives staff the flexibility to work on financial statements regardless of time and location. When they access financial statements on CaseWare Cloud, you will have peace of mind knowing that they're working with the most up-to-date version – as changes made across the team automatically sync to the master copy.


Collaborate in ways not possible before with one centralised location for all your staff, clients and other stakeholders.

Client portal

Share files quickly and easily. Provide clients with custom dashboards for helpful views into the engagement process.

File management

Enjoy a full document management system with built-in archiving, retention and back-up capabilities.

Centralised engagements

Monitor the status of engagements from any web-enabled device. Engagement files are also stored in CaseWare Cloud, which means automatic back-ups and no need for expensive servers.

Correspondence templates

Produce resolution documents from default or custom templates


Leverage built-in roles for easy rights management, or create your own.

Promotes mobility and flexibility

The Cloud-based financial statement software allows access to real-time data – anytime and anywhere –and improves productivity and client service.

Engagement Management

Track and monitor every aspect of your engagement for optimized efficiency and profitability.

Task management and timeline analysis

Task functionality allows users to assign tasks to individuals, allowing for work progress transparency. This feature, combined with timeline functionality, presents a new way to view and keep track of all the activities in your firm on one screen.

Track historical changes for directors and officers

To enable a complete Register of Directors and Officers for compliance record keeping purposes.

Financial Statements

​Accounting and auditing practices trust CaseWare financial statement software to ensure compliance and boost efficiencies and profits.

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Time and Billing

​Time is an add-on CaseWare Cloud time management app. Log your time and manage your WIP, store docs and client contact info, and collaborate on CaseWare files.

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Tax Management

Our tax management solution, CloudTax, allows you to manage your client database, store supporting documentation and track correspondence and communications.

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