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Automate the production of a full set of financial statements and reports with our Municipal financial software

CaseWare has been helping municipalities across South Africa for more than 10 years.

CaseWare’s integrated municipal finance software solution takes care of all your reporting challenges in a single solution. It automates the production of a full set of GRAP Financial Statements, allowing you to add a Section 71/72 Returns and Budget Formats module, as well as a Management Reporting tool – both of which fully integrate with your CaseWare Financial Statements. You can produce mSCOA/GRAP financial statements that are compliant with all the required reporting segments. CaseWare ensures a seamless and compliant MFMA implementation.

CaseWare’s Section 71/72 component assists users in the automation of reports and final submissions to National or Provincial Treasury.

The Section 71/72 Reports and Budget Formats module is integrated with CaseWare’s GRAP financial statements template, using the information already in your CaseWare financial statements to eliminate duplication of work.

Our expert content partners provide you with the most up-to-date disclosures and the latest compliance with National Treasury.

Enjoy the benefits of greater control with a built-in validation process that reduces the risk of inaccuracies.

With CaseWare, your GRAP financial statements and Section 71/72 reporting is compliant with all the reporting segments required by mSCOA.

CaseWare takes your trial balance or general ledger and aligns it automatically with the correct segments and functions to prepare GRAP-compliant financial statements and Section 71/72 reports according to the latest requirements.

We enforce compliance with disclosure on audit requirements, ensuring more accurate municipal financial statements and reporting.

The CaseWare solution includes our easy add-on module, Connector.

Connector does exactly what it says – it links the financial data already in CaseWare to produce monthly management reports in Excel or Word. You can report on actual, budget and forecast figures, relinking from existing reports or creating new ones from scratch.

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"Before CaseWare, we used spreadsheets. That took a lot of time and accuracy was never assured."