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CaseWare are at the forefront when it comes to automating Departmental financial statements as per Modified Cash compliance requirements

CaseWare are at the forefront when it comes to automating Departmental Financial Statements as per Modified Cash Standard

CaseWare, with our financial statement templates, dramatically reduces the time and frustration spent preparing compliant Modified Cash annual financial statements. After creating a CaseWare file for your organisation and importing your trial balance from BAS/Vulindlela, your Financial Statements are automatically generated including the appropriation statement. Lead schedules are also automated, saving you time and giving you the ability to submit an electronic CaseWare Audit file. The built-in Document Manager allows you to save supporting documents in CaseWare, providing you or your auditor's access to insights, figures and relevant documentation.

Speed up the delivery of resultsCreate Monthly Management Reporting
Eliminate human errorMultiple users working on the same file
Improve the quality of reporting through consistency, credibility & accuracyEnsure you always have one version of the truth

What you can get from CaseWare

Main Features
  • Automated AFS
  • Automated Lead sheets
  • Import current and prior year figures
  • Auto mapping / classification
Data Hosting
  • Document Manager with place holder (host secondary information)
Smart Sync + Security Setup
  • Protection + Cloud Sync
  • Online based engagement file (online reviews)
  • Audit trial
Data Source + Template Designs
  • Vulindlela (BAS, PERSAL, LOGIS and other)
  • Updated SCOA
  • Updated Modified Cash Standard (MSC)
  • Accounting Manuals (GRAP)
  • NT WORD + EXCEL templates
  • Seamless consolidation of all Departments
  • Consolidated TB with Drill down functionality
  • Consolidated monthly, interim and annual FS
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Interim Financial Statements
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Consolidations

CaseWare Consolidation saves you time and takes care of consolidation hassles, automatically preparing a full set of consolidated Financial Statements. Now you can instantly consolidate multiple legal entities, as well as performance

amalgamations for departments, divisions or cost centres, joint ventures and associates, to provide an overview of organisational performance.

CaseWare departmental finance software includes our easy add-on module, Connector.

Connector does exactly what it says – it links the financial data already in CaseWare to produce monthly management reports in Excel or Word. You are able to report on actual, budget and forecast figures, relinking from existing reports or creating new ones from scratch. Connector gives you the flexibility of Excel or Word, while maintaining the integrity and automation of CaseWare.

Why Connector is the ultimate supporting tool for CaseWare:

Annual departmental financial statement numbers tie up to monthly management reports because you are using the same data set at all times.

Year-end is less stressful as you work on the same information that feeds your annual financial statements monthly.

Any changes made in CaseWare are immediately reflected in linked Excel or Word files.

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