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ATA Engagements are niche engagements which are highly regulated by the regulator, and yet are not particularly profitable for audit firms.

Improve margins while maintaining the high level of compliance these engagements demand.

The ATA application guides you through the entire process, and includes all applicable documentation. This engagement app has been designed to be smart and user friendly to minimise the amount of documents to be completed. Underpinned by an intuitive methodology and a predefined workflow, you will remain competitive and profitable by completing engagements faster and with the confidence that risks are minimised. Charged per-engagement, you can manage your software investment growth as your client base grows.

Our ATA app is not just a copy and paste of the regulators manual. Our solution offers a predefined workflow, optimised questionnaires and cutting edge automation as well as an intuitive user interface, easy setup and no additional training required. For more information download our brochure here.

CaseWare Cloud

Using our CaseWare Cloud solution gives you more freedom in the way you work and run your practice. CaseWare Cloud gives you the flexibility for teams to work online, regardless of time and location. Working on our Cloud solution also gives you peace of mind knowing that you are working on the latest version of a CaseWare file and that changes made across the team automatically sync in real time. And very importantly, we take data security very seriously.

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