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Probe Audit is an intuitive methodology that complies with the latest International Standards on Auditing designed to streamline your audit engagement by making it more efficient. It gives you more control to adjust the audit to fit each client’s risk profile to ensure you focus on what is important.

Auditing that’s easier, faster and that complies with the latest International Standards on Auditing.

With CaseWare and Probe Audit a paperless audit is now possible.



Benefits of Probe Audit


The product provides access to checklists, questionnaires and programs which intelligently expand (or shrink!) according to the size and complexity of the client. The Probe Small profile is specifically designed to reduce the extent of documentation for smaller engagements to be more efficient.

Mitigation of risk

An intuitive audit tool which adjusts to fit each client’s risk profile to ensure you focus on what is important. Risk assessment per component allows the auditor to focus their time and attention on areas bearing higher risk.

Up to date

Our dedicated content team keeps a close eye on current and future international and local developments to introduce new and revised content in the product to allow for timeous compliance. Our content provider, W Consulting, is represented on SAICA’s Assurance Guidance Committee.


CaseWare and Probe enables users to create paperless engagement files and electronically complete the entire engagement process from planning, risk analysis and work programs, right through to electronic review and final sign off.

Additional Audit components

Probe Premium: Takes your audit to the next level with more automation and making complying easier to increase efficiency and support audit staff. Includes Checklists to ensure that the objectives in the clarified ISA’s have been achieved.

Probe Recognition and Measurement: Provide specific audit procedures that assists the auditor to verify that the recognition and measurement of relevant items in the financial statements are correct either in accordance with IFRS or IFRS for SME.

Probe Review is a powerful, built-in, automated solution which streamlines your entire review engagement. Compliance and control to ensure that you can perform a fast, well-organized, paperless independent review – that is compliant with the International Standards on Review Engagements.



Benefits of Probe Review


Probe Review assists you in identifying areas that are likely to be misstated and enables you to respond to them appropriately, allowing you to obtain sufficient and appropriate evidence. Work through your engagement quicker as the template will populate content in the client file based on:

- Classification between Large and Small entities
- The amounts imported and mapped
- Questions answered in the planning documents


Probe Review is an instinctual review methodology which intelligently adjusts to each client’s risk profile. This eliminates unnecessary work making review engagements effective and fast.

Mitigation of risk

Content you can trust! Probe Review takes the reviewer through a structured process during planning to assess the areas likely to be misstated. Up to date checklists provides questions that assist the reviewer with gaining an understanding of the business and the entity.




Able to create one engagement file that can be used by both the preparer of the financial statements and the independent reviewer, whilst the preparer maintains independence.

Probe Compilation assists compilers of financial statements to cover all crucial steps in the compilation of Financial Statements.



Benefits Probe Compilation


Never miss a step as the compilation add on module provides the compiler step-by-step guidance on the entire compilation process from the engagement letter, to questionnaires, checklists, and sign off – ensuring you a fast and easy process.

Mitigation of risk

The work programs provides the preparer of the financial statements with steps to check the accuracy and completeness of items in the financial statements to help the user execute their responsibilities.


Create one engagement file that can be used by both the preparer of the financial statements and the independent reviewer. The compiler can prepare the financial statements to be submitted on their own, or to be sent for review or audit.


Populate content in the client file based on:
- Financial information imported and mapped to relevant financial statement items
- Questions answered relating to the entity and engagement in planning documents

The Probe ATA template guides you through the entire process, and includes all applicable documentation like the engagement letter, risk assessments, work programs, letter of representation and reports required for submission to the relevant Law Society. This engagement template has been designed to be smart and user friendly to minimise the amount of documents to be completed.



Benefits Probe ATA


The automation features in the template will improve effectiveness and efficiencies. The template will also reduce inconsistencies and duplication of work due to capturing the same information more than once


The template will populate your engagement file with only relevant content to improve the focus of your engagement team.

Mitigation of risk

The Probe ATA template has been designed to minimise your risk by guiding you through the entire engagement process. The template will also reduce the risk of errors and inconsistencies due to capturing the same information more than once

With a fully integrated audit methodology and built in compliance with IFRS, IFRS for SME’s and the International Standards on Auditing there is no better way to automate your practice. Combined with CaseWare Working Papers, Audit International is a powerful and efficient "out-of-the-box" solution for performing assurance, analysis and reporting engagements. Audit International is primarily based on the IFAC Guide to using (ISAs) in the Audits of Small- and Medium-Sized Entities. Content for Audit International is primarily provided by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). The methodology has been expanded to incorporate additional requirements for Audits of Larger Entities and transnational audit engagements.



Benefits of Audit Int.

Optimise your auditing

Audit International makes your audit process more intelligent than ever before with the Audit Optimiser. This groundbreaking tool works behind the scenes to build the most appropriate work programs based on criteria defined by your firm. This results in peace of mind knowing that staff are performing "just the right" amount of work for a given area.

Easily manage risks and controls

Record, track and summarize risks and controls with a powerful centralized risk and controls tracking system. Create numerous reports to analyze the identified risks and controls.

Leverage built-in libraries

Audit comes pre-packaged with extensive knowledge libraries of standard audit procedures so you're never starting from scratch.

Quickly update content

Drag and drop content into an existing client file using the convenient Document Library function. Compare the procedures in your engagement file to the firm's master file to ensure that your procedures are up to date. Quickly highlight the changes made to work programs and checklists.

Review files efficiently

With easy access to financial statements, work programs, lead sheets and working papers, partners/managers can review a file even while work is progressing in other parts of the file.

Take advantage of enhanced functionality

Armed with our next-generation report writer, work programs and checklists are more user-friendly than ever before.

CaseWare Africa has teamed up with Protect - a - Partner International to develop an automated template that will completely change the way you view quality control. The Quality Control template has been designed to streamline the implementation of the standard - a process that once would have taken you hours to complete. The template is an imperative for firms of any size seeking to continually meet industry standards in terms of engagements and financial reporting.

The purpose of ISCQ1 is to document and communicate the firm’s internal quality control procedures and policies. Practitioners need to ensure that they have written and communicated policies on: Leadership, Ethical requirements, Acceptance and continuance of client relationships, Human resources, Engagement performance and Monitoring.



Benefits of ISQC1

Save you time

The practice quality control system will eliminate any irrelevant procedures and documents which are not applicable to you and your firm. CaseWares quality control template will provide quick referencing and seamlessly navigate to the relevant parts of the work programs and comprehensive checklists available in the template.

Make collaboration easier

Optimise the quality control experience by distributing the ISQC1 methodology throughout the firm using our collaborative enablers - SmartSync and CaseWare Cloud. Once again – to not waste time - you are able to set permissions or only allocate certain documents so that each person within the firm only needs to focus on documents that he or she is responsible for.

Keeping track of ever changing compliance

With compliance at the centre, there is no need to constantly keep up with the ever changing standards.

Stores your data in a centralized location

If you are familiar with CaseWare you will already know about the centralised document manager which allows users to be to easily locate documents at any time. The practice quality control system will be no different as users are able to store and save all notes, check lists and relevant documents in one central location making the management of the standard ten times more efficient.

Focus on what’s Important in your practice

Whether you are sole practitioner or a large firm, the template has been designed to graphically represent the firm’s threats and safe guard status.

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