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Quality Assurance templates: How does it benefit you?

An ongoing and challenging issue facing firms today is remaining up to date with the International Standards of Quality Control1 (ISQC1). The purpose of the ISQC1 is to establish standards and guidelines toward continued compliance while providing insight to improvements involving firms’ systems of quality control. To facilitate a smoother path to ISQC1 compliance, quality assurance templates have been designed to streamline processes involved in meeting compliance demands and making quality control a less complex undertaking.


QA templates are designed to save firms time, money and help them keep track of ever-changing compliance considerations. We’ve listed some of the benefits to QA templates in more detail below:

QA templates save you time

QA templates increase efficiency when it comes to creating a firm’s manual by eliminating any irrelevant procedures and documents which are not applicable to you and your firm. Placing the firm’s industry focus and internal processes at the centre of compliance efforts, saves you the time of having to attend regulatory enquiries due to non-compliance as well as decrease the risk of possible fines and loss of revenue due to time wastage.

Interactive templates make collaboration easier

Assurance templates, such as CaseWare’s, optimise the quality control experience by distributing the ISQC1 methodology throughout the firm through collaborative enablers called SmartSync and CaseWare Cloud. QA templates also filter out all irrelevant documentation so that each member within the firm focuses on the documents that he or she is responsible for. CaseWare’s ISQC1 Template provides quick referencing and seamlessly navigates to the relevant parts of the work programs and checklists available in the template, in order to eliminate time wastage.

It helps you keep track of compliance

In an assurance template, all of the obligatory requirements are highlighted, and a control checklist is provided to ensure that the user is fully aware of the completion status of the mandatory requirements at all times. It allows the user to sign off and verify that each procedure has been performed. It will also allow you to reference evidence of completed tasks. There are a variety of registers and templates that were designed to ensure that ISQC1 compliance evidence is completed and demonstrable. CaseWare’s ISQC1 Template boast enhanced functionality that make work programs and checklists more user-friendly than ever before.

It stores your data in a centralised location

Quality assurance templates provide a central location for all your ISQC1 evidence so that it is easy to monitor and collate when required for an inspection. CaseWare’s ISQC1 Template allows you to make notes and ask questions from inside the template. Working from a central location is convenient for all personnel involved, as it will simplify processes and save time.

It provides quality control training

As a requirement of ISQC1, all employees must be trained around the quality control manual. Since managers have so much on their plate already, it can be difficult for them to provide the training themselves. For the ISQC1 standard and training on applying the standard, CaseWare has partnered up with the leading specialists, Protect-a-Partner International. In later versions, video training will be implemented.

It keeps you up-to-date

With international auditing standards continually changing, keeping up to date is essential for firms aiming to remain compliant. CaseWare ISQC1 Template will keep your ISQC1 Quality Control Methodology relevant by continuously updating it to include the most recent standards, as well as the latest in best practice guidelines.

CaseWare is a trusted compliance and auditing platform used by 18 000 customers across the African continent for the purpose of Audits, Reviews and Compilation purposes. If you would like to know more about CaseWare’s automated ISQC1 Template, contact us.

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