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Present-day discussions between CIOs and CFOs around new technology acquisitions are a little less strained than those of a few years ago, thanks to the transformation of bulky client/server environments into lean yet powerful networking architectures.


With processing, storage and data transmission capacities vastly superior and significantly less costly than they were a decade ago, the stage is set for more performance-driven and innovative businesses to make their mark in their respective playing fields. And so it is for the modern accounting practice also: differentiation and performance in a crowded marketplace is key to providing value to clients, remaining profitable and competing with equally innovative and performance-driven peers.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what sets CaseWare apart from other platforms and why it is the financial statement solution of choice for over a quarter of a million people across 130 countries.

CaseWare is your complete technical team-developed by local and international experts

It takes a software house that understands the intricacies of an industry to build a solution that speaks to the challenges, complexities and nuances intrinsic to that specific playing field. CaseWare is designed by financial professionals who are well-versed in the challenges that are specific to running an efficient and profitable practice. We’ve pooled our cumulative knowledge to build a financial statement software solution that introduces efficiencies to notoriously process-heavy functions. With built-in validation and automation tools, financial firms can focus on the task at hand – not the spanner in the works. Our experience with everyday financial processes has allowed us to introduce time-saving workflows into CaseWare which means faster turnarounds to your clients.

With access to product and industry experts locally and internationally, our clients enjoy significant ROI with a product that is designed, developed and supported by professionals who know – and speak to – your pain points. CaseWare gives you international assurance and quality yet allows for the local touch and support. With international backing that allows for world-class development of software and insights of 130 countries, CaseWare is a comprehensive financial statement software system that is second to none.

Comprehensive compliance. Guaranteed

Compliance is simply non-negotiable. Financial professionals stake their reputations and the future of their practices on their ability to provide clients with services that keep them – and their practices – above board. With an extensive network of content providers, CaseWare ensures adherence to both local and international compliance requirements by seamlessly facilitating access to up-to-date and comprehensive content, allowing you to focus on growing your business and building better partnerships with your clients. CaseWare scales to your business needs Very often, businesses find that the tools of yesterday no longer speak to the needs of today. Historically, IT budgets needed to compensate for platform obsolescence as a steady influx of new technology replaced older iterations. Convoluted licensing programs added additional financial and administrative overheads on already time-starved IT managers. CaseWare is different. Our platforms can be hosted in the cloud, deployed locally or a combination thereof. Our licensing is straight-forward: you pay for the resources you use. So, as your business grows and evolves, so does your technological investment, without the need for expensive IT hardware or specialist support staff to keep your systems running. This brings considerable ROI to any financial practice since the need to introduce new hard and software assets is significantly reduced, making us the perfect partner for both small and large firms – of which the big five are satisfied CaseWare users.

CaseWare isn’t just a business tool – it’s an industry standard

We build our systems with the people who use it in mind. CaseWare is purpose-built to save you time, elevate your entire team’s performance and help you identify opportunities to improve your bottom-line. Our systems are efficiency-focused with no compromise to compliance and quality of work. Say goodbye to Excel columns and rows and introduce a streamlined, end-to-end solution that shifts your practice into higher gear and puts you in the company of industry leaders. Leverage our expert knowledge through our comprehensive training programs to increase ROI and reduce TCO and make sure you get the most out of your investment. Modern accounting firms demand modern tools for modern challenges, and for this reason we’ve built a product that brings you tomorrow’s solutions today.

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