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Like many organisations, the Mpumalanga Gambling Board would use a spreadsheet to help with the preparation of its Annual Financial Statements. However, relates CFO Lucas Maseko, “This process was typically quite slow and labour-intensive.” On the basis of his past experience with CaseWare Working Papers, it made sense to introduce the software – and gain the benefit of reduced time, greater accuracy and, as an added bonus, ensuring Generally Recognised Accounting Practices (GRAP) compliance.


Established in 1995, the Mpumalanga Gaming Board is a provincial public entity charged with the responsibility of performing all functions assigned to it in terms of the Mpumalanga Gambling Act and other applicable legislation. It advises, reports and makes recommendations to the Responsible Member of the Provincial Parliament on matters relating to the control of gambling in the province.

“I’d had plenty of experience working in an audit firm prior to joining the Mpumalanga Gambling Board; while there we used CaseWare quite extensively. I was both familiar with the technology and understood the benefits it could offer to us at the Board,” says Maseko, explaining why he introduced the software.

With CaseWare, many of the time-consuming, laborious tasks associated with the preparation of Annual Financial Statements are automated. The software also enforces processes and ensures that all the requirements for GRAP compliance are fulfilled. “The the format of the financial statements produced by CaseWare is really good. The software draws attention to any discrepancies and also enables effective mapping in terms of populating the Annual Financial Statements with information drawn from the accounting system,” says Maseko.

Specific functions that he appreciates include the notes facility and the ability to customise accounting policies to suit individual needs. “You could say that everything about it is much better than what we had before,” Maseko notes, adding that the GRAP compliance is a critical factor for any public sector entity.

“The benefits we get from CaseWare are enormous – not only in terms of the time saving and productivity increases accrued through the mapping option, but also thanks to automation. That eliminates human error, which was an issue we faced in the past using the manual spread sheet method.”

While he feels it can be a little difficult for public sector finance workers to make the leap from a spreadsheet to CaseWare – necessitating training as an integral component of the solution – Maseko has no hesitation in recommending the solution. “Based on how well it works and the automation it offers, I think any government department can benefit from this software,” he concludes.


The Mpumalanga Gaming Board was using a spreadsheet programme to guide the preparation of Annual Financial Statements. When CFO Lucas Maseko took over the reigns, he knew there was a better way of preparing documents faster, more accurately and with complete GRAP compliance.


Maseko introduced CaseWare Working Papers to expedite the production of Annual Financial Statements and ensure compliance.


With market-leading CaseWare software, this public sector entity has significantly accelerated the performance of its finance department. It now rapidly produces quality Annual Financial Statements which are GAAP compliant, error-free and with a high degree of automation.

“A municipality is a complex organisation with similarly complex financials. Assimilating a vast amount of information in spreadsheets is not only time consuming, but error-prone, frustrating and very inefficient,”

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