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Public Interest Score Calculation

(Mandatory information is indicated with * )

Basic Information
Name of company:* (Optional)
Company Registration No:* (Optional)
Type of company:*
Financial year end date:*
How was the financial statements compiled?*
Public Interest Score Factors
The average number of employees of the company during the financial year:*
The total third party liability of the company, at the financial year end (Full amount):*
Total turnover during the financial year (Full amount):*
Total number of individuals with a direct or indirect beneficial interest in the company e.g. Shareholders:*
Public Interest Score
Engagement Type Factors
Is the company required in terms of its Memorandum of Incorporation to be audited?*
Did the company hold assets in a fiduciary capacity greater than R5 million for an unrelated party at any stage during the year?*
Are any shareholders of the company not directors of the company (not owner-managed)?*